Set up in 2000, LoonaStar is an agency for professional and amateur actors and advertising models. LoonaStar provides its services for hundreds of clients: photographers, casting directors, film directors, production companies, TV channels, web designers, stylists, advertisers, advertising agencies, fashion schools, mail order companies, e-shops, NGOs, ministries... Most of our clients are Belgian and French.


Our Story


Marie-France Gérin founded Ministar, the first child model agency in Belgium and today the oldest of all Belgian agencies. The agency is still very family oriented.


New management: Jean-François, Marie-France’s son, took over. This year also saw a new boost for the agency, with its actors and other artists now getting leading roles in advertising shoots. This was true for both photographs and filming.


LoonaStar brought the best year in its history in terms of turnover to an end.


LoonaStar was set up, a structure specially designed for Ministar teenagers, extras and supporting roles.


The agency celebrated its 20th anniversary with more than 250 activities per year, either in services or in royalties/image rights.


It’s up to you to keep on writing the story with us…

Our values


At LoonaStar, we are all ears and open hearts to understand and answer your questions. Our sense of service is anchored in the DNA of the agency’s employees, and also in that of all our partners.

The IT tool, which manages our team of models, artists and actors, provides a fast, complete and accurate solution for each request.

Just ask our clients who they like to work with!


At LoonaStar, we only give our word for one thing. That is to defend the interests of our partners, clients, artists and colleagues.

To do this, we are clear, honest and not afraid to tell the truth.

This is why with each mission LoonaStar wins the trust of all the professions that make an advertising production a success.


LoonaStar is the sister company of Ministar, the oldest model and actor agency in Belgium. Set up in 1982, Ministar has always held on to its family atmosphere, welcoming parents and children, the real heroes of the agency.

This human closeness, woven over more than 40 years, has been passed down as naturally as possible since the day LoonaStar first opened in 2000. Moreover, the agency is also a family story, as its values have been passed down along with the generational torch.

Finally, the booking team also cultivates this “family” spirit. Each day that goes by is proof of this.

Our Know-How

All our dynamics are based on clear and structured communication, with no side-tracking, for a perfect understanding of the missions of castings, shootings and other services. Help in understanding work status, types of remuneration and tax aspects is also one of our strengths. To this end, the agency works with the best lawyers in the field of labour law and image rights.

At times we also manage contracts for artists who work directly for production companies which require an agency. In such cases it is clear that we defend the artist’s interest for a lower agency commission.

Do you need a tall, athletic redhead with glasses who speaks Chinese without an accent? You’ll find one in our files. Do you need him to play against a Finnish ex-top model who has her first-aid certificate? We’ll go to Helsinki to find one. All you have to do is ask!