Anyone over the age of 13 can apply. If you are under 13 years old, the best thing to do is to apply to Ministar.
Loonastar examines all profiles, whether you are an amateur or a super pro. Please note, however, that making an application does not mean that you are “automatically” signed up.

You can sign up by filling in the form in the section “Sign Up/Talent” and attaching three very recent photos (max. 2 months old).

Be careful with the size (weight) of your photos for sending: photos that are too heavy (over 1 MB) will not get through the web pipes !

A confirmation that your application has been received will be sent to you within a minute. It will tell you that a reply will be sent by e-mail within eight working days, only if it is positive (if we want to meet you at the agency). Eight days is the average. Sometimes it might take a bit longer.

If you have received confirmation of your application after signing up, you will have to wait at least eight days to find out whether we want to meet you at the agency. Please note that sometimes it might take a bit longer. Check your inbox and spam folder.

If you have not received a reply within 30 days of sending your application, this means that your application has unfortunately not been accepted.

Photos should be recent and taken with a good (but not necessarily professional) camera or a quality smartphone.

Photos should ideally be taken against a light background, always from the front and at the height of the model (no low angle), with no accessories that could cover your face (glasses, hat, cap, etc.), nor too much make-up.

We need portrait and silhouette photos.

Photos in colour and not touched up.

We appreciate video presentations, so please provide us with a viewing link.

The maximum weight or size of a photo is 1 MB. Anything larger runs a real risk of email systems not being able to send your photos to us.
In other words, we will never receive your profile.

Once you have signed up at LoonaStar, the most important thing is to keep your file up to date, i.e. to send us an update every six months by e-mail:
– Ten recent photos (see details for photos required in “What do we mean by a good photo” and maximum weight above) and measurements
– any physical changes (clothing size – haircut – piercings or other).

If we do not have this type of information, you may miss out on contract opportunities.
We do not present profiles that are not up to date.

After six months, if we do not have a correct and complete update, the agency reserves the right to unsubscribe you.

Have you signed up and is your file up to date? Great!

Now you should be patient and wait to hear from us about a project. We will get in touch with you by SMS, email and/or telephone once we have something specific to offer you (casting – shooting – filming – fitting, etc.).
We never know when or who will be called…
We cannot guarantee your participation in a job but we do our best to introduce you to our clients.

Unless your booker gives you specific information, you should always go to a casting as naturally as possible; no jewellery, make-up, hair gel, etc.

The client should be able to see you just as you are in order to get an idea of what they can do with you from a styling point of view for the project in question.

Have you been to a casting? The client will now take a look at your test and make their choice. If you are selected, there will probably be a fitting session before the shoot or even a meeting with the team. Then, the day before D-day at the very latest, you will receive the service sheet (or callsheet) with all the shooting information (address, schedule, telephones, where you can park, etc.).

After an assignment, we need to get your impression and some information about it.
How did your shoot go? What time did you start? What time did the day end?
All the information that lets us talk to you and the client, and to invoice the latter.

Payments are made by transfer to your account as soon as the client has paid us. This is more or less two months after the service. Please note that there is always a time lag between payment for the service and the image rights. In fact, for the rights, we wait for the date of publication and check that you are recognisable before we can invoice for these rights and pay you.
If you use an invoicing company (Smart, Amplo, Merveille etc.), they will pay you in accordance with the agreements you have made with them.