LoonaStar is an agency which deals with amateur and professional comedians and advertising mannequins. LoonaStar serves hundreds of customers: photographers, casting directors, film directors, production houses, TV channels, web designers, stylists, advertisers, advertising agencies, fashion designers, firms in remote sales, e-shops, NGOs, ministries... Welcome.
Jean-François Managing Director


  • 1982

    Marie-France Gérin created Ministar, Belgium's first children's mannequin agency, today the longest established on the Belgian market. It very much remains a family-run agency.

  • 2000

    Creation of LoonaStar, a structure dedicated to Ministars who are now teenagers, adult comedians and mannequins.

  • 2010

    Change of management: Jean-François, Marie-France's son, took over. That year was also marked by new momentum, with the development of the department for comedians and artists for advertising. We also cater for filming and broadcasting.

  • 2016

    Over 250 activities per year and counting, either services provided or imaging royalties/rights.

Our vision

At LoonaStar, everyone has the opportunity to appear in some form of advertising, fashion or artistry. We move mountains to bring out the very best of each artist as far as our customers are concerned. No matter what your project is, we will simplify and facilitate communication between our partners, our customers and all of LoonaStar's comedians and mannequins. We constantly devote our efforts to finding a solution to every challenge put to us.

Our services

Need a great sporting redhead who wears glasses and speaks Mandarin like a native? We are bound to have something for you. Will he be playing opposite a Finnish former Top Model who holds a first aid certificate? We will go to Helsinki to find her. All you have to do is ask!
All of our dynamism is based on clear, structured communication, sticking to the point, for a perfect understanding of casting or shooting missions or other services. We can also provide help with understanding of work status, type of pay and tax issues. Accordingly, the agency works alongside top flight lawyers specialising in employment law and imaging rights.
Sometimes we are asked to manage service contracts for artists who provide their services directly to a production house which in turn, wants to use an agency. In which case, the agency's commission is less, of course. We are also sometimes asked to look for and find dogs, cats, cars of such-and-such a make or such-and-such a colour, …